Salvatore Nunnari

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Bocconi University

Vice-Director at Bocconi Experimental Laboratory for the Social Sciences (BELSS); Research Affiliate at Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research (IGIER), and Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy

Office: Via Roentgen 1, 5-C2-05
Phone: +39 02 58363389
Email: salvatore.nunnari [at]

Curriculum Vitae
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My research is in political economy, experimental economics, behavioral economics and applied microeconomic theory. Before joining Bocconi, I received a PhD in Social Science from the California Institute of Technology and served as an Assistant Professor at the University of California San Diego and Columbia University.



Published and Accepted Papers

The Political Economy of Public Debt: A Laboratory Study, with Marco Battaglini and Thomas R. Palfrey, Journal of the European Economic Association, Accepted

The Economic Effects of Electoral Rules: Evidence from Unemployment Benefits, with Vincenzo Galasso, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Accepted

Durable Coalitions and Communication: Public versus Private Negotiations, with Renee Bowen and David Baron, Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 156: 1–13, Online Appendix, Replication Data

Dynamic Elections and Ideological Polarization, with Jan Zapal, Political Analysis, 2017, 25(4): 505–534

Gambler's Fallacy and Imperfect Best Response in Legislative Bargaining, with Jan Zapal, Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 99: 275–294, Supplementary Material

Quantal Response and Nonequilibrium Beliefs Explain Overbidding in Maximum-Value Auctions, with Colin Camerer and Thomas R. Palfrey, Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 98: 243–263, Replication Data

The Dynamic Free Rider Problem: A Laboratory Study, with Marco Battaglini and Thomas R. Palfrey, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2016, 8(4): 268–308, Replication Data

Turnout Across Democracies, with Helios Herrera and Massimo Morelli, American Journal of Political Science, 2016, 60(3): 607–624, Supplementary Information, Replication Data

Dynamic Free Riding with Irreversible Investments, with Marco Battaglini and Thomas R. Palfrey, American Economic Review, 2014, 104(9): 2858–2871, Online Appendix

Legislative Bargaining and the Dynamics of Public Investment, with Marco Battaglini and Thomas R. Palfrey, American Political Science Review, 2012, 106(2): 407–429, Online Appendix


Working Papers

Declared Support and Clientelism, with Simeon Nichter, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 13460

Looking into Crystal Balls: An Experiment on Reputational Cheap Talk, with Debrah Meloso and Marco Ottaviani, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 13231

Dynamic Legislative Bargaining with Veto Power, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12938

A Model of Focusing in Political Choice, with Jan Zapal, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12407


Work in Progress

Veto Power in Standing Committees: An Experimental Study

Audi Alteram Partem: An Experiment on Selective Exposure to Information, with Giovanni Montanari

Preferences, Cognitive Abilities and the Demand for Populism: Lessons from the Italian Legislative Elections of 2018



In 2018/19, I teach 30325 Introduction to Microeconomics and 30463 Mind and Society: Introduction to Cognitive Sciences to undergraduates; and 20616 Economics and Politics to graduate students. In the past, I taught undergraduate (UG) and graduate (G) courses in Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences (Bocconi, UG), Political Economics (Bocconi, UG), Behavioral Political Economy (Bocconi, G), Political Economy of Institutions and Development (Columbia, UG), Laboratory Experiments and Formal Theories in Political Science (Columbia, G), Business and Politics (UCSD, UG) and Game Theory (UCSD, G).


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